My Old Apartment


I'm in my old apartment

where he walked me to the edge

a razor blade held to my neck

he pushed me backward       malice on his face

I prayed that I be freed

God's intervention     divine indeed

if not for His hand from above

my life would have ended

thrown from the ledge

the look that came over his face

as he walked away       at a drugged pace

passed out from Vodka and cocaine

I stayed up too scared to leave

afraid he would awaken

threaten me more

I waited and waited

for morning to come

pretending to sleep as he left for work

I walked away that day      not to return

till thirty years later

curiosity burned

I went to the ledge

peered over the rail

years of healing at last prevailed

I felt so minute when I looked down

blessed and grateful to still be around

when people say there's no God

I know that's not true

        He sheltered my life and saw me through

       showed me choices that would help me grow

       away from a lifestyle I wanted no more . . .