Here is a list of my published pieces and works in progress.

(Some of my efforts are treasured memories to be printed and shared with family and friends;

as well as the ones written to submit to contests and publishers).



Cooking Chicken with Joy- 84 tried and true chicken recipes that will delight

your family and wow your guests. published 2009

Cooking Savory Comfort Foods with Joy - Fondly remembering family dinners and tasty dishes.

Recipes too good to forget. published 2010

A Beautiful, Believable Paris . . . as told to me by my Father - creative non-fiction

Tommy Merritt  - the story of a boxer - non-fiction - I shared with my family

Betty Merritt - 1908-1990 . . . a special tribute to Grandma I shared with many family members

Jack Albert Merritt - a story of my dad's life, a gift for his 86th birthday

How Many Stars Are There in the Universe? -  fictional children's book - self-published 2013

The Naked Truth About My Life - an ongoing chapbook of prose and poems

Wiping Memories from Room to Room - Alzheimer's and Dementia chapbook of poems- self published 2013

Finding a New Mirror - a daughter tells how she deals with

her mother's Alzheimer's long distance - non-fiction - to be published in 2017

We Grew Wings and Flew - a collection of prose, poems and art by four writers - published 2014

The Life of Jacques Albert Rainelle - poet and artist - graphic fiction/a compilation of art and poems -

to be published in 2017

Two Little Sisters . . . poems about our childhood & later silly stuff